About Us

Between late-night reading and early-morning rowing, it is safe to say that society expects too much of me by asking me to work during the day. As a sleeper extraordinaire, I tend to find life difficult when I’m awake, and thus spend a considerable time daydreaming when I’m not nose-deep in a book. When my body asks for my sustenance to be more than words, I like to indulge in potato-based delicacies, and lemon curd yoghurt occasionally. Sometimes, my stomach even finds its way to a packet of Doritos, a cup of hot chocolate or even a cheese and salami baguette sandwich. Oh, the wonders of the human body!

Some say I have studied too many languages, but really, I’m just looking for excuses to read more, and we all know that more languages = more books! My lifelong ambition is to learn to read Braille, so that I can read late at night without bothering anyone with light, but right now I’ve settled for a little lamp attached to the cover of my Sony e-reader. It does the job nicely. If, somehow, I’m not in my bed reading or shouting at rowers on a river, I like to pester Victoria with random ideas, book suggestions, and pointless jokes. She’s nice enough to let me get away with it. What a doll.

And now for something completely different, I like Grey’s Anatomy, Patrick the starfish, cycling, potatoes, guidebooks, mugs, pillows, lipstick, scarves, The Monty Python, potatoes, spy stuff, lycra, the moment your stomach does a backflip when the plane takes off, potatoes, Middle Eastern food, taking pictures, speaking foreign languages, baroque music, potatoes, my bed, cheese, blouse-jeans-pumps, potatoes, taking the train, and I own something like 300 nail polishes (but only 50 grammar books).


Hello I’m Victoria and I’m a Pisces. While this apparently means I’m compassionate, adaptable, devoted and imaginative it seems I can also be a self-pitying, oversensitive and indecisive escapist. No comment.

I’ve been a vegetarian for over a year (much to my mother’s surprise – Dad and I used to fight over the last piece of pork) and our family has two German shepherds whom we love dearly. I used to prefer cats but then I found out I’m allergic. I prefer winter to summer, though if I’m honest my hayfever is probably the main reason. Also, we live opposite three fields. It doesn’t help.

What else? I love sewing as much as reading, Sheldon Cooper is by far my favourite physicist, St Petersburg is my favourite city, I can’t sing so I whistle instead and I don’t have a sweet tooth but sweet teeth (I used to work in a chocolate shop – staff discounts were the BEST). I’m slightly obsessed with old school Disney and I can love listening to my iPod on shuffle. Bring Me the Horizon, Tchaikovsky, Eminem, Tom Odell…it’s all on there 🙂


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