Tribute to Sarah J. Maas – Paola (A Novel Idea!)

Last, but not least to conclude our Tribute week (which should have happened yesterday but my Internet decided to die and I had forgotten to schedule the article…) we have a tribute by Paola, from the blog A Novel Idea. Paola was lucky enough to meet Sarah J. Maas and I hope you’ll enjoy her tribute as much as we did!

When I turned to the first page of Throne of Glass, I was expecting everything & everyone BUT Celaena Sardothien. She took me entirely by surprise, shrugging away all the usual trappings that come with most YA heroines and subsequently walking away with my heart clutched in her fist. Who was this sword-wielding, pianoforte-playing, book-reading girl and where had she been all my life?? I mean, seriously. Celaena is the kind of person that I should probably be insanely jealous of. Instead, all I want to do is get my nails done with her. And maybe dispatch a few felons in the name of love and revenge. (Or something equally epic.)

Many female leads in YA are in transition, deciding between possibilities and still in the process of discovering who they really are. This is a pretty tough path to walk, and it’s one that I think everyone goes through at some point in life. But part of what draws me to Celaena is that she knows very well who she is, and also who she isn’t. She doesn’t second guess herself or her beliefs. I love this about her — that she is such a complex person, with a bloody history and the likelihood of an even bloodier future, and yet is still defined by a good heart that she refuses to compromise. Yes, she’s vain and arrogant and makes mistakes. But Celaena is also possessed of deep compassion and the desire to right what is wrong. I love that so many of her misadventures are the direct result of trying to fix what is broken, or her own flat refusal to embody the kind of ruthless cruelty that is expected of Adarlan’s Assassin.

It’s easy to see all the ways in which Celaena is resilient. She’s a fighter, and I don’t think anyone could argue against that. I love her strength and her resolve, but what I love most about Celaena is her vulnerability. Under that thick skin is a girl staring up at a night sky filled with stars, longing for the freedom she lost long ago. Peel back all the layers — the silk dresses, the bloodstained tunics, the scars and the buried memories — and you’ll find the real Celaena. She’s the one I never thought to look for, and was so heartened to find.

And on this note, we will be concluding our Tribute Week as well as our feature of the month on Crown of Midnight! If you still haven’t read it, go buy it now, you will not regret it! If you have already read it half a bazillion times, don’t forget to check The Starkillers Cycle, written by Sarah J. Maas and Susan Dennard – it will provide you with more awesomness while you’re waiting for the next book!

We hope you enjoyed this feature and had fun reading the tribute, and we will see you very soon for a new feature of the month!


2 responses to “Tribute to Sarah J. Maas – Paola (A Novel Idea!)

  1. Awesome post on Celaena – it perfectly captured why I love her character! There’s so many facets to her, and she has this honesty and integrity about her that makes it easy to give her all my respect. This series just has such amazing characters! I heard about this tribute a little late, but I’m going to go back and read all the posts!

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