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Now that Crown of Midnight is out for everyone to enjoy, we thought it would be nice to give a little something back to Sarah J. Maas, who has provided the literary world with her fair share of awesomeness. This week, we asked a few readers to tell us why they love Throne of Glass so much, as a tribute to its epic author. Today, we have the lovely Alexa from Alexa Loves Books doing us the honour of starting this series of guest posts.

I am a loud and proud Throne of Glass fan, as many of my bookish friends know. Every chance I get – on Twitter, on the blog, in person – I talk up this series. Throne of Glass was a surprise favorite, discovered only because a friend sent it to me to share. I was blown away by the new world that unfolded before my eyes, filled with a kick-ass heroine, a handsome prince, an attractive captain of the guard and an old school fantasy tale to boot.

What has truly cemented my love for the series is the even more amazing follow up Crown of Midnight. Once I had my hands on a copy of that book, I devoured it — and it was absolutely wonderful. There was strong character development, a strong new plot to draw readers into the series and, of course, the romance was slow burn but oh, so, good. I had such a tangible reaction to the story — tears, laughter, yelling and swoons — and that just made the experience even better in my book. (So yes, if you have read the first one, please please please do read the second one too!)

But, personally, if I had to choose my one favorite thing about the series thus far, it’s easy: Chaol Westfall, the Captain of the Guard. I’ve always had a soft spot for men in uniform, so that was a given from the first book. But seriously, Chaol is many things I look for in a man: steadfast, strong, thoughtful, intelligent, loyal, romantic and much, much more. He’s basically my ideal hero in a book come to life, so Maas gets all the credit in the world for creating this character that I (and many others) can truly swoon over.

(A close second to this character is Fleetfoot, who is adorable, followed by Nehemia. And Celaena. And Dorian.)

Throne of Glass is a series worth investing in for both new and long-time fans of fantasy. It’s got familiar elements, but everything is combined into a brand new mix. If you’re looking for something new to love, look no further: Throne of Glass is it!

Make sure to let us (or Sarah J. Maas!) know what you loved about Throne of Glass in the comments! Oh, and if you’re feeling down about having finished Crown of Midnight, there’s some more awesomeness from Sarah J. Maas and her acolyte Susan Dennard on Tumblr (because where else?!) in the form of the Starkillers Cycle, a sci-fi story which is put online regularly, and for free.

Thanks Alexa for the great post! You can find her awesome blog right here (go visit now, you know you want to!)


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