Crown of Midnight – Sarah J. Maas

CrownOfMidnightAuthor: Sarah J. Maas
Series: Throne of Glass #2
Publication date: 27th August 2012
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Page number: 464 pages
Origin: Netgalley and bookshop

synopsisFor the last few months, Celaena Sardothien has been working for the King of Adarlan. The job is simple: the king tells her who to kill and she obeys. At least, that’s what she’s lead them all to believe. Keeping her mouth shut and her true loyalities hidden from everyone close to her is not easy, yet the fact that their lives depend on her maintaining the deception leaves Celaena with no choice but to let them think her a monster. After all, what did they expect from the King’s Champion?

But when her next assignment is to root out and destroy a rebel movement growing in Rifthold, at the very heart of the Adarlan Empire, Celaena is drawn into a plot that threatens everyone she holds dear. Balancing the delicate charade of her loyalty to Adarlan, the promise of a quiet life and her desire to side with the rebels, Celaena must decide once and for all where her loyalties truly lie.

ReviewI was introduced to Sarah J. Maas’ series by Victoria, who’d had been an avid reader of the series on FictionPress (and is kind enough not to tell me anything of what’s happened in the previous version, no matter the amount of editing that’s gone into it since then!) and I subsequently read all the novellas before reading the books.

I have read enough negative reviews to believe that without the novellas, you won’t find much depth to Celaena by simply reading Throne of Glass, which I felt was an introductory book and only a foundation of what was yet to come. Reading Crown of Midnight, I realise my judgement had been spot on (in my humble opinion, that is…) and the story unfolds beautifully in this second book.

Persuaded the King is taking revenge against her by carefully selecting targets Celaena disapproves of, she is faced with new moral challenges when her next target becomes Archer Finn, courtesan and old acquaintance of the young assassin. Giving herself time to prepare and stage Archer’s death, she takes the time to find out more about the King’s true intentions, and when she finds out, it is not pretty.

In Crown of Midnight, Celaena shows her true colours. A relentless assassin and a loyal friend, she finds herself in a difficult position where none of her choices are appealing, yet they must be made. Cleverly written, Crown of Midnight is a delight for the eye, and will leave you wanting even more. With even more action, even more romance and even more magic, this is not a book you will be able to put down (hell, I read it at work!).

For action-packed book lovers, those in search of a great fantasy epic, readers who have a thing for love triangles, or if you liked Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight is an intricate, thrilling read that will fulfill your thirst for adventures.


ReviewIf Throne of Glass gave readers a glimpse of what Celaena is capable of, Crown of Midnight is the main event. With Celaena now established as the King’s Champion and tasked with taking down the rebels in Rifthold, the reader is further drawn into her world. We’re given further insight into both her life before she was sent to Endovier and into how she copes with her new situation. Some of my favourite scenes were when Celaena the assassin got busy with some serious fighting, and while it would be a colossally monumentally stupid idea to cross her, it’s pretty damn satisfying to read about such a strong character who can kick ass as well as she can.

As well as Celaena’s fighting prowess, one of Crown of Midnight’s greatest strengths, I feel, is the power of the characters’ relationships. The way Maas writes Celaena’s friendship with Nehemia and her relationships with both Chaol and Dorian had me more emotionally invested with all of them than I’ve ever been before – and I do not say that lightly! While it did mean that all the twists and turns hit and hurt so much harder because of it, it was the good kind of hurt where you know the author has done their job to perfection.

In a nutshell, I loved Throne of Glass – the characters, the story, the setting…everything. But I have to say that Crown of Midnight has taken everything that was so brilliantly awesome about the first book and upped the ante so convincingly I was blown away.

I don’t make a habit of rereading books since I tend to read the ‘highlights’ and skip anything I didn’t find quite as interesting, but I have no doubt that this series is one I’ll be coming back to time and time again. It is just that good! If you haven’t read this book, you have no idea what you are missing. Go and buy it now – you will not regret it!


Rating 5splatters


2 responses to “Crown of Midnight – Sarah J. Maas

  1. I am still recovering from this book!!! Aaaahhh!! I want the third book NOW! I completely agree with you — this one was the main event, no question. It has me both thrilled and terrified of what might happen in the next installment. And don’t even get me started on all my Chaol/Celaena feels!!

    Great review!! Victoria, I am seriously tempted to ask you for hints about what might happen in the series based on the Fictionpress version! *writhing in agony*

    • I know, I’m not sure I can wait another year for the next one! We were lucky to get our hands on an ARC, but I did worry that meant we’d have to wait even longer for book 3! Ooh see we’re split – Marion is 100% team Chaol, whereas I’m team Dorian (though try as I might I cannot deny a soft spot for Chaol – that scene where he found her will? GAH!) It can get annoying sometimes that I *might* know where some plot lines are heading and I can’t discuss them – especially not Marion, think she’s actually hit me, haha! – but I wouldn’t dream of spoiling it for you! Well, unless you really are that curious 😉

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