Crown of Midnight – Fashion

As you know, we have decided to celebrate the publication of Crown of Midnight this month, and as such, have inaugurated our Featured This Month series with Sarah J. Maas’ latest treasure of a book. Last week, we shared with you our playlist (feel free to comment and we’ll add your song!) but this week, we decided to focus on looks!

Taking inspiration from the book covers and the stories themselves, we have selected two outfits for you budding assassins: an everyday outfit to accompany you on the job, and a more formal outfit for these times when only the prettiest gown will do. We hope you’ll enjoy this selection, please share your favourite pieces in the comment!

On the job


T-Shirt – Topshop
Leggings – Mango
Boots – Topshop
Belt – New Look
Necklace – Cadsawan

With leather-looking leggings for freedom of movement, you can combine a lose t-shirt that will keep you cool when you are running around, but will also conceal any weapon you may want to hide. A sturdy belt to hold a few knives and snazzy blades, some comfortable boots to jump from roof to roof and you’ll be good to go! Don’t forget the Eye of Elena for protection, and an extra dagger for good luck!

Princess of the Night


Gown – Elie Saab*
Earrings – Accessorize
Necklace – Cadsawan
Ring – Cadsawan
Shoes – Monsoon

An elegant and intricate gown is a must, but the beauty of the dress must not be taken away by accessories. You can hide away the Eye of Elena to not draw attention to its power, and a lovely ring will be discreet enough to be worn. Add earrings if you’re wearing your hair up – it will embellish your almost naked neck. Choose comfortable and elegant shoes – even if no-one will see them – and find a place that’s easy to access between the folds of your gown and where you can keep a  dagger or two.

If you have ideas for outfits on Polyvore or or Pinterest, please share them in the comments, we will add your suggestions to this article! We hope that you’ve enjoyed this selection, but watch for next week’s feature on Dorian and Chaol! 🙂

*I have not linked this gown because if you can afford it, you probably know where to find it. You could get something like 300 books for the price of it!



2 responses to “Crown of Midnight – Fashion

  1. Those are some awesome outfits! I rather like the first one best, very practical but still eye-turning;)

    • Thank you!
      We thought it might be easier to have something simple and discreet for all these adventures, but who’s to say we can’t turn heads when on the job? 😉

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